Plush Husky
Husky stuffy par-t-pet
Husky front view par-t-pet
child with husky stuffy
woof teddy stuffing party picture
adoption certificate for teddy
boy making husky stuffy outside

HUSKY Plush Toy Making - PAR-T-PET

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$8.75 CAD

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Par-T-Husky is an 8 inch plush Husky Dog skin.

Beautiful 8 inch soft plush pet comes with wishing star, and unique adoption certificate (additional free to download online), party invitations (free to download on line) and instructions to run your own party. Perfect for kids of all ages.

  • EXTRA SOFT 8-inch soft plush Par-T-Pet. Delight your child with these beautiful plush party pets.
  • PERFECT for kids birthday parties. Keep your kids entertained as they get to stuff their own super soft, pets.
  • CREATE and stuff your plush pets. Unlock your child’s creative potential as they stuff their very own choice of pet.
  • ADOPT YOUR VERY OWN PET! Each of our beautiful party pets comes with its own ‘birth’ certificate. Your kids can fill them out and treasure them forever.
  • GREAT FOR DEVELOPING FINE MOTOR SKILLS – This is so much more than just a stuffable pet or teddy bear! Stuffing and playing helps hone your child’s fine motor skills, opening new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression!

NOTE: Stuffing for each pet is additional or may be purchased at your local fabric/sewing store.

No sewing required.