FAQ's/Shipping for Par-T-Pets teddy stuffing parties for kids

Boy with his stuffed teddy kits

"Oh wow, you guys are great.. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be ordering more." - Jessica NJ USA

 one-stop-shop for kids' birthday parties and events of all sizes. 

How do you stuff a Par-T-Pet®? 

 THERE IS NO SEWING REQUIRED!   Par-T-Pets® has an inner zipper with an outer Velcro strip making it simple and safe to stuff.

How fast is your shipping? We can ship anywhere in North America between 3-14 days. Rush Shipping is 2-6 days. For more accurate shipping time please contact us at give us your location and date you need the order. 

Do you offer discounts?

As the popularity of our Par-T-Pets(R) has expanded to include many organizations we do offer options to help with larger orders. Additionally, as a mother with a special needs child, I try my best to help with many fundraisers. Please feel free to reach out if you have a large group and I will outline some options. 

In addition, you can now sign up at check out with Sezzle a third-party provider that offers payment plans. 

 Where do you ship?

Par-T-Pets® can be shipped anywhere Canada Post or United States Parcel service delivers. In the USA we ship from Bellingham Washington or Canada from Vancouver B.C. For areas outside of North America please use the contact us section for inquiries. For shipping outside of North America please contact us for details 


What comes with my order?
Par-T-Pets® teddy stuffing kits come with; a stuffing stick, wishing star, downloadable adoption certificate, downloaded invitations, ideas, and directions on running a successful party. If you order accessories or kits please see the photo and description for everything included.  

Does my order come with stuffing? Thank you for helping us reduce single-use plastic. 

To reduce waste such as single-use plastic packaging we provide bulk Teddy stuffing in our Par-T-Paks, It is very easy to separate into equal size bundles. 

If you prefer we do offer individually pre-packed Par-T-Pet Packs with stuffing in our store. These are pre-packed in reusable bags. 

Stuffing is not included with single Par-T-Pet orders. It can be added to your single pet order here. Stuffing is inexpensive to purchase but more expensive to ship. For this reason, we do not include stuffing on the single Par-T-Pet orders unless you order separately on the site. Stuffing is sold at all fabric and craft stores. Please contact us if you require any assistance locating a supplier.

What other accessories for teddy stuffing kits are available?

 T-shirts, capes and masks, sleeping bags, etc. can be added to your kits. Additionally, we now offer a complete line of crafts kits such as pinwheel making, sand art, foil art, glitter tattoo supplies, scratch masks, etc. They even match your teddy-making kits. 

What is your minimum order?
Par-T-Pets® has no minimum order. 

 How easy is it to run a party?

Par-T-Pets® teddy stuffing birthday parties for kids are great for all ages and are simple to stuff. For details on how to run the party and what comes with your Pet please click on the instruction section of our site 

What is your return policy?

Return Policy for purchases made through online store only:

It's simple just send the product back in the same packaging and condition. You must pay the shipping charge. Once we will receive the product back in its original condition we will refund you. Refund will not include original shipping costs.

All refunds must be made within 30 days of the initial order.

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 "The kids loved these. I definitely recommend this company!" - Amanda London, Ontario