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The perfect way to plan a successful socially distanced kids birthday party, our virtual Par-T-Paks!

 This listing is for a 5 pak. 

What is a virtual party and why is it so popular?

With so many people looking to celebrate their child’s birthday but unable to meet as a group our customers asked Par-T-Pets® for a solution. Effective in April Par-T-Pets® customers will be able to create a virtual party anywhere in North America.

How does a virtual party work?

Par-T-Pets® will apply free contactless delivery to customers with orders over $50. All Par-T-Pack specials if requested will have the Par-T-Pets® individually wrapped in our new reusable mesh organza bags at no extra charge. Each individual kit will include: Par-T-Pet®, stuffing, wishing star, adoption certificate and stuffing stick (and accessory of choice if ordered). Example - if you order a 10 Par-T-Pets® pack you will get 10 individually packed items.

Included on or website is free downloadable coloring sheets to match the Par-T-Pets® . All order will receive instruction sheets with outline, tips and acitvities to run your virtual pary.

Once you set a time for your child’s party you send out an email invite asking kids to join an online video portal such as zoom, facetime etc. Once your Par-T-Pets® free delivery arrives you can drop off an individually packed Par-T-Pet® to each child invited to join the video party. Practice social distancing by dropping of the individual packs at the participant’s house (mailbox or hang on door) so no direct contact is needed. 

At the specified date all the kids simply join the video link and stuff their Par-T-Pets® together and fill out the adoption certificates. Interacting during the process sharing the names of their Par-T-Pets® maybe decorating shirts, capes and masks or sleeping bags. Perhaps you play a game of virtual Simon says with the Par-T-Pets® . For example-  “Simon says throw you Par-T-Pet in the air!” Once all the fun is ended a rousing singing of Happy birthday to the birthday child wraps things up.

Other great tips:

  • All the participants can be encouraged to dress up party attire or costumes.
  • Everyone can be encouraged to make signs and wave to the birthday person on the video party.
  • Par-T-Pets provides free downloadable coloring sheets to match the Par-T-Pets®
  • Each order will an outline on how to run the Par-T-Pets® virtual party along with tips, games and activities.

Activity, socialization and take home all done virtually! All the participants have a memorable Par-T-Pet® to keep forever!

Easy as:

1)      Order Par-T-Pets®

2)      Drop off at guests house

3)      Set up run an online party to stuff and adopt together.

4)      Leave them with a lasting memory