Turtle and Under the seas theme kids party ideas

Turtle and Under the seas theme kids party ideas! Turtles are very popular with kids. Many follow turtle conservation projects. A turtle theme kids birthday party is a fun idea. Franklin the turtle and the teenage mutant ninja turtles are great for inspiration. Check out adopt and stuff turtles. With decorate your own capes and masks they are perfect for a ninja turtle theme! 

A great activity and take home gift. Paper plate turtles are a cute craft to add to the fun. Decorate a paper plate with glitter sequins etc. cut feet and tail from green construction paper and glue on. Cut a head from construction paper and add googly eyes. Glue head onto turtle. Make a pin the tail on the turtle game. Get a turtle chocolate mold. Melt chocolate and pour in. Add a caramel in the center and pecans for legs. A fun party treat. Decorate the party room with green and sea theme. Put craft roll on the table and let the kids colour under the sea theme and turtles of course. Buy some small plastic turtles and have a turtle hunt. Play pass the turtle for prizes. Like hot potato. Pass a plastic turtle around circle to music. The child that is holding it when the music stops wins a prize. Play till everyone wins. Happy turtle party!

Boy with plush turtle and under the sea party theme