Kids Halloween Party ideas!

Kids Halloween Party ideas!

Halloween is a great time to have a children’s party. There are many things you can use from home to keep the costs down.

How about a Monster buffet?

You will need 5 boxes. Place bowls in each box. Kids reach in and feel the monster goo- cold-cooked spaghetti noodles. Eyeball-like ideas include grapes in cold cooking oil. Blood is cold food oils and red food coloring- have wipes handy!! Jello makes for flesh and carrots for bones fill in the last 2 boxes. Great fun for a kid’s party.

Bobbing for marshmallows. All you need is a bucket full of water. Drop marshmallows in as kids bob.

Costume parade – put on a fun song like the monster mash – let kids parade in their costumes. Give out candy for scariest, funniest, unique, etc.

Crafts are also lots of fun – Try Adopt and stuff a par-t-pet. Decorate a cape and mask for it to wear. Great party activity and take home. Check it out a

Candy scramble or piñata- great for Halloween theme

mini pumpkins decorating - let the kids decorate them with markers,pompoms,googly eyes,stickers, fuzzy hair. A great party activity.

Decorate for your party with balloons and streamers and carved pumpkins.

Halloween parties are great for a wide range of ages- have fun!