Inexpensive Outdoor Party and craft Ideas for kids

Inexpensive Outdoor Party and Craft Ideas for kids

unique craft kits for kids parties these sandart and foil art kits compliment and party activity for kids birthdays and summer camp crafts. Also work well for daycare craft activity. inexpensive craft kits for kids.

Whether you’re planning a summer backyard birthday party or looking for children's activities for your next company picnic in the park, we’ve compiled a list of inexpensive outdoor party ideas to keep the kids entertained outside:

Rock Painting Craft - This is a fun and inexpensive outdoor craft for kids of all ages. Collect some rocks on your next trip to the beach or garden.. Paint the stones with acrylic paint or nail polish. Use a glue gun to attach googly eyes and pom-pom tails to make pet rocks. Go a step further and decorate a tiny house for your pet rock using cardboard, markers, and stickers.

Sidewalk Chalk With Stencils - An easy summer party idea to keep the kids busy outside. Buy inexpensive plastic stencils of simple designs such as animals and flowers. Place the stencils on the pavement and colour in the stencils with sidewalk chalk. 

Bubbles - A inexpensive and easy favorite ! All you need is soap and a bubble wand. You can find different shaped bubble wands at your local dollar store, or make your own bubble wand with pipe cleaners. For extra fun, try making a DIY giant bubble wand by attaching a couple of sticks to a circle of string. 

Balloon Splatter Painting - Fill water balloons with liquid tempera paint or food coloring and a bit of water. Put big sheets of paper up on a fence. Kids can throw the balloons onto the paper, splattering paint as they break. This fun water-based art activity for kids is great for an outdoor event.

Squirt Gun Tag - “It” has a squirt gun. If you are squirted, you become “it.” This is a classic outdoor activity to keep the kids cool on warm summer days. 

DIY Unicorn Pinwheel Painting Kits - Kids can decorate their own pinwheels with budget friendly craft kits, and watch them spin colourfully in the summer breeze. This is a fun and creative outdoor art activity that’s perfect for spring and summer.