Great Easter Activities for Kids

Pink Plush Unicorn ParTPet painting Easter Eggs

Great Easter Activities for Kids

On the hunt for some fun and easy Easter activities to keep the children entertained during the long weekend? Hop into spring with Easter kids crafts, Easter party games, and of course a classic Easter Egg Hunt. Here are some of our favourite inexpensive craft ideas for kids parties and Easter activities for children:

Bunny Ear Headband - An easy to do craft that children can make and wear. Make a circle out of light cardboard and staple together to fit around the child’s head. Cut bunny ear shapes. Decorate the ears with glitter, stickers, and felts. Staple the ears to the headband. Now your new bunny ear headband is ready to wear! (Fun fact- Did you know that a group of bunnies is called a fluffle?)

Paper Plate Bunny Face - A budget friendly DIY craft using paper plates. Turn a simple paper plate into a bunny face by gluing on a pompom nose and pipe cleaner whiskers, paper ears, and googly eyes. Use glitter and felts to decorate. Feeling fancy? Add a paper bow tie or hat. 

Button Bouquet - Get some pipe cleaners and thread some colourful buttons onto the end, and you have a simple easter art project for kids. Arrange in a small vase or plant pot. Paint or decorate the plant pot with stickers for some extra fun. You can also cut flowers from foam, glue buttons into the centre, and attach them to a pipe cleaner stem. 

Easter Egg Hunt - There are many options to get creative with this one. Ever hidden chocolate eggs for Easter so well that somehow a few weren’t discovered until months later, semi-melted under the welcome mat? A fun alternative is to hide plastic eggs that children can trade in for treats such as candy, toys, or an Easter goodie bag. 

Par-T-Pets® - Adopt and stuff an adorable Easter buddy. Create a t-shirt in Easter colours for your new friend to wear. Decorate a little gable box house. Plush pet making is a great kids party activity, and these DIY stuffed animals make an amazing take-home gift for all ages and genders, boys and girls. No sewing required! 

Ready to throw the best Easter children’s party for your family this year? Hop to it!