Celebrating Valentine's Day with your Little Ones!

Cupid’s arrows are ready this week! We have made big plans for how you can get your little ones to join in on the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Read on to find out how you can make the day of love, lovely!

During the week, you can help your child prep some valentines for their classmates. We have chosen out two unique crafts: the Love Bug Valentines which includes candy, and the Seed Packet Valentines which does not. One of the best things about both of these crafts, is that they can easily be created by your child with just a little of your help or supervision.

If you are looking to add a little love and colour to your home, try out the Shaving Cream Heart Art activity. This fun activity is great for children of all ages and is multipurpose! You can make prints, cards, a garland, and more. Your options are really endless!

Now that you are all prepped for the day of love, here are some things to consider doing on Valentine’s Day! Kids go crazy for our temporary Glitter Tattoos, and we even have a Heart or Rose stencil. Don’t forget your Glitter Pots so that you can create the tattoos with their favourite colours. 

Blogger Live Well Bake Often has devised one of my favourite treats, the Valentines Day Brownies! These fudgy homemade brownies are stuffed with extra chocolate and M&M’s making them a perfect way to celebrate this indulgent weekend. Using pink, red, and white chocolate candies adds a special touch.

Are you looking for a gift for your child? The Par-T-Pets are a great choice! Kids can create a new bond with one of our plush pets! With options including lions, dragons, penguins, and many more, I am sure you can find something that your child will love! Our Pink Unicorn Par-T-Pet or the Flying Pig Par-T-Pet may be a perfect choice to keep with the theme of pink and red.

Will you be giving any of these ideas a go for this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments how you plan on celebrating, or send pictures of your child and their new pet. We love seeing pictures of the two new best friends! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


The Par-T-Pets team