Back-to-School with Par-T-Pets! Slumber Party Ideas.

The summer has flown by and September is here! We are all getting back to our routines and responsibilities which can be a difficult transition (for all of us!). To make things a little easier on the kids, hosting a sleepover or a party can be a great way to get back into the swing of things. We have rounded up some of our favourite items that are guaranteed to let the kids blow off some steam before hitting the books!

The 5 Pet Par-T-Pak- Deluxe Slumber Pak is an essential item for a back-to-school party. Your child can invite over four friends to make their own best buddy for the upcoming year. This do it yourself kit includes five plush pets, sleeping bags, fabric felts, stuffing, stuffing sticks, wishing stars, unique adoption certificates (additional free to download online), party invitations (free to download online) and instructions to run your own party. 

If you are hosting a smaller group or if you need more than five pets, simply add on a Single Par-T-Pet! This option can ensure that everyone is included in the event and can take home a new best friend. 

From Superhero capes and masks to T-shirts and sleeping bags, all Par-T-Pet Accessories can be found on our website. We find these items to be especially helpful if you need to stick to a theme or if you just want to take your party up another notch! 

We wish everyone luck in getting back into the routine of the year and the beginning of classes! If you throw one of these going back-to-school parties, let us know in the comments below and tag us on Instagram at @partpets!