8 Ideas for Paw Patrol Like Theme Parties.

Husky dog-themed parties such as Paw Patrol are very popular for boys’ and girls’ parties. So we have put together 8 party ideas to make the Birthday party you are planning great!

  1. Have a paw print hunt- draw paw prints onto sticky notes. Stick them all over the house. Kids search and collect as many as they can then trade in for prizes.
  2. Buy dollar store plastic fire hats and construction hats. Let the kids decorate with stickers and take them home as a party favor.
  3. Adopt and stuff an 8-inch husky plush pet. A great party activity and take-home idea. Check out  
    Husky paw patrol theme party
  4. Play tossing games. Use dollar store pet bowls and mini pet balls
  5. Use plastic dog bowls for chips and snacks
  6. Cut out dog bone shapes for placemats using craft paper or construction paper. Let kids color their own placemat
  7. Make dog bone-shaped rice Krispy treats for each child
  8. Play pass the puppy with a plastic or stuffed dog. Kids sit in a circle and pass the puppy to music- maybe Paw Patrol theme song. When you stop the music the child holding the puppy wins a small prize. Try to play until everyone gets a prize.