7 Budget Friendly Kids Craft and Activity Ideas

Real talk!

It’s January and I am pretty sure we’re all looking for a way to stretch a buck! ⠀

Hello holiday season spending credit cards bills, amirite?⠀

So this month we’re giving you some fun, budget friendly, kids craft and party activity ideas that the kids dig and so do our bank accounts! ⠀

1. Paper bag animals

A quick trip to the dollar store will suffice for this one. 

Have your kids get creative and make their own paper bag creatures with paper bags, glue and decorations of your choice! 

We’ve been loving all these cute coloured paper bags that have been popping up, an alternative to the classic brown bag, that make the animals just that much cuter!

2. Popsicle stick creatures

A bag of coloured popsicle sticks, glue and decorations of your choice, such as google eyes and pom poms, make these little popsicle stick creatures a fun and easy craft for kids.

3. Paper plate masks

Paper plate masks are a classic and an easy one to make work for a party theme. 

Have your kids create jungle animal masks for a jungle themed birthday or fish masks for an under the sea party.

These masks are super fun for playtime after the mask is made as well!

All you need:




-Paper plates

-Pencil for tracing paper cut outs for mask

-Popsicle sticks

4. Candy Cane skewer

Sugar rush!

Great as a party activity and substitute for a loot bag, as kids can make and take them home their skewers after the party.

For these candy cane skewers all you need is:



-Cellophane wrap- To wrap  and protect the skewer in after

-Ribbon- To tie the cellophane to the skewer

-Stickers- To decorate the cellophane after it is wrapped on the skewer

TIP: Cut off the sharp ends of the skewer sticks before giving to the kids.

5. The $45 Birthday

A Birthday party in a box!

Shipped to your door, our 5 pet Par-T-Pak includes 8” plush pet skins and everything you need to throw and adopt and stuff your pet party. 

This pak includes:

-5 pets of your choice 

-Stuffing for each pet

-Adoption certificates for each pet

-Stuffing sticks and wishing stars for each pet

A no mess and fun party activity and take home for after the party is done as well.

6. Collars for your Par-T-Pet

Pipe cleaners and beads make easy Par-T-Pet collars that the kids can decorate and adorn their pet in after!

Let us know down in the comments your favourite budget friendly kids craft and activity ideas!