5 Tips to Host an Awesome Unicorn Birthday Party


You definitely can’t go wrong with a unicorn party. Unicorn parties are all about glitter and sparkle and magic! Check out some of our unicorn party ideas below.

Unicorn horn toss DIY

Game Ideas:

1. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: Blow up a unicorn picture, cut out paper horns and blindfold kids. Have them try to tape it on to correct spot.

2. Unicorn Toss: Yes plastic pylons and spray paint pink have kids try to toss hula hoops around them.

3. Pass the Magic Crystal: Sit in a circle and pass crystal to music. Kids can keep the crystal if it stops at them. 

Unicorn plush animal and unicorn pinwheel craft

Craft Ideas:

1. Have kids adopt and stuff adorable plush 8” Par-T-Pet unicorns. Also check out their unicorn gliders, pinwheels, sandart and foilart.

2. Make flower headbands with silk flowers and dollar store headbands

3. Make scented glitter playdoh or slime. Search a great recipe online.

Unicorn Sundaes

Fun Food Ideas:

-Ice cream sundaes: Use pretty coloured sprinkles

-Decorated unicorn horn: Pointy ice cream cone with icing and mini candies

-Use a cookie cutter to make unicorn shaped sandwiches or watermelon slices

-Unicorn drink: Dip glasses in syrup then pink sugar to coat the rims then fill it with pink lemonade

-Rock crystal candy sticks

Unicorn balloons


Decoration Ideas:

Using helium filled clear balloons put mylar shred in before you blow them up. Sprinkle pretty coloured sequins on the table and use pastel streamers to form a canopy over the table.

Unicorn goodie bag

Goodie Bags Ideas:

Make candy kebabs shaped like horns. Wrap them in cello and ribbon. Make ribbon wands or giveaway unicorn erasers and pencils.