5 Par-T-Pet Party Theme Ideas

We compiled a list of our top 5 ideas and themes for a DIY Par-T-Pet parties! 

Paw Patrol Party Theme:

We have Par-T-Pets husky's that would be perfect for a Paw Patrol or puppy themed birthday. We also offer customize t-shirts and sleeping bags we could print fun logos or dog designs on.

Dragon Party Theme:

Dragon's are one of our top selling Par-T-Pets so why not throw a fun dragon, or knights and dragons themed birthday? 

Each kid can stuff a dragon, we also sell dragon sand art and dragons tattoos, so it can be a complete party!

You could also do a Dragon egg hunt and get some plastic easter eggs that open from the dollar store and fill with candy and hide them around an area and have the kids hunt for them.



Arctic Animals Theme:

Is your kids birthday in the winter? Our penguin Par-T-Supreme includes penguins to stuff, penguin sand art and penguin glitter tattoos, perfect to throw a winter themed birthday party! The kids could make snow slime as an additional party activity. 

Sleep-out Campout Party Theme:

Does your kid want to do a sleep over or camp out for their birthday? Our slumber Par-T-Pak would work great for this! Each kid could stuff a pet and each decorate a sleeping bag accessory so the pets and kids can all sleep out together!

A hot chocolate 'bar', smores making kit or indoor inflatable camp fire, if you're not hosting the part outside, could be a fun add on to!

Superhero Party Theme:

Is you kids obsessed with superheroes? We offer superhero Par-T-Paks which   include pets and capes and masks for the pets that can be decorated!


Which party theme or idea is your favourite?