5 Kids Valentines Activities and Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s is almost here! We compiled our 5 favourite Valentine’s themed crafts and activity ideas for kids, check them out below!

1. Cinnamon Heart Make Play-Doh

Add red food colouring (or buy red Play-Doh) and cinnamon to Play-Doh to make Valentine’s themed cinnamon heart Play-Doh!

2. Heart rocks

Collect small rocks, about 2 inches, make sure they are smooth or flat sided so it is easy to glue or stick the heart on one side! Cut out red hearts out from construction paper and draw or write messages into the hearts. Mod Podge works great to put the hearts on the rocks and it is  available at most craft stores, it dries shiny and clear! Also could make for a fun, unusual Valentine!

3. Heart monsters

A fun Valentine’s card idea or just an easy kids craft! All you need is:

-Googly eyes

-Pipe cleaner for the ears

-Buttons or gems for noses and a mouth

And let the kids get creative!

Photo: Red Ted Art

4.Mini bird feeder

You will need:

-Pipe cleaners

-Fruit loops


How to?

1.Thread fruit loops onto the pipe cleaner

2.Shape it into a heart

3.Tie on string

Hang outside as a mini Valentine’s bird treat! 

Photo: Pint Sized Treasures

5. Heart Rice Krispie Pops

How to:

-Make rice krispie square mix

-With greased hands mold mix into heart shapes

-Insert sticks into bottom- Popsicle or sucker sticks

-Let set  

-Add icing and sprinkles if desired


Which craft is your favourite?