4 Budget Friendly Kids Christmas Craft Ideas

We’re getting ready for the holiday season!! So we made a list of some easy, affordable and kid friendly holiday themed craft ideas to let your kiddos imagination run will! 

These ideas are made of very easy materials found in your kitchen or craft cupboard (you most likely have most of the items already) and are some great activity ideas to whip out to keep your kids busy when they are cooped up inside, during the less than optimal incoming winter weather. Plus it gets everyone in the holiday mood!

Paper Straw Trees:

There are so many different tree craft ideas but these paper straw trees are such a unique and creative take on a classic holiday classic. This craft is a bit trickier and detail oriented so I would recommend it for older kids.


You Will Need:

-Paper straws


-Items to decorate your trees (pom pom’s, glitter, stickers)


How to:

-Cut 2 straws the same length with enough room to place the other straws to make your trees. These two straws will be your trunk so glue them together and leave them to dry.

-Cut up the remaining straws in to differing lengths to make your tree layers.

-Once the trunk is dried start to glue the tree layers from small to larger 

-Let dry and decorate with items of your choice.

Muffin Liner Tree Garland:

This is the easiest craft on this list for sure and my personal favourite as it turns out so cute!

 You could use green muffin liners or a bunch of different designed ones to make some cute colourful trees. 


You Will Need:

-Muffin liners


-String to glue muffin trees to

-Stickers or decorations (Make sure you have a tree topper to hide where the tree gets attached to the string)


How to:

-Fold your muffin liners in to thirds and then glue so it does flay open from the thirds

-Glue 3 folded muffin liners together to create a tree shape

-Add stickers and decorations to the tree

-Glue the tree to the string and let dry before hanging

Winter Popsicle Stick Creatures:

This craft is the perfect use-up-the-items-in-your-craft-cupboard activity to do with your kids! It is also great for younger kids as it is a bit less precise as some of the other crafts on this list.


You Will Need:

-Popsicle sticks

-Googly eyes


-Felt markers


How to:

-Draw and colour faces and animal features on to the popsicle sticks

-Glue on googly eyes

-Cut out cute felt accessories such as scarves or hats to glue on to your popsicle creatures

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments:

These ornaments are a great craft to make a yearly tradition with your kids so you can fill your tree with memories. They are also a super easy last minute craft and can make a great and meaningful gift to other members in your family from your kids. 


You Will Need:

-Clear plain ornaments, find at any craft store during the holiday season.


_Marker felts

-Items to decorate (We used pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom pom’s and glitter)


Really no need for a how to here, let your imagination go wild and have fun!


Do you have a favourite Christmas craft? Or will you be doing any of the crafts we listed above? Let us know in the comments below!