Plush Unicorn craft making kits with Unicorn themed foil art and gliders
Teddy bear adoption certificate
Teddy Bear t shirt
Build your own unicorn glider craft
unicorn foil art craft
unicorn foil art craft
unicorn foil art craft
unicorn foil art craft
unicorn foil art craft
stuffing a pink unicorn plush pet
stuffing a pink unicorn plush pet
Plush white Unicorn front view
Plush White Unicorn Side view

Unicorn Supreme theme crafts with Foil Art Kits

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Unicorn theme party Par-T-Supreme packs contain everything you need for a unicorn themed birthday party full of activities. Adopt and stuff an adorable 8 inch plush pet. No sewing required. Make a wish and name your pet with a wishing star. Fill in an adoption certificate. Design a t-shirt for your new pet with fabric felts. Get crafty with a matching foil art project. Just peel off the foil and scratch in section of your unicorn design to create a colorful  glimmering craft. The end product is your own masterpiece. Included in this amazing kit is a build your own unicorn glider to make, colour and fly!

All instructions included - a complete party activity kit!
Pak Contains:

10 white unicorns 
Stuffing for 10 pets
10 adoption certificates
10 wishing stars
10 stuffing sticks
10 Foil art Kits
10 t-shirts pink or white please indicate selection - you can mix
Fabric felts
10 Unicorn Gliders for kids to assemble and fly.