Social Distancing Summer Daycare and Preschool Kids Activity and Craft Ideas

Need some activity ideas to keep kids busy and socially distanced during daycare and preschool? We've got you, read on about our ideas below!

Kids socially distanced activity idea rock art

1. Rock painting

Have kids go on a rock hunt and gather smooth rocks. Then set up paint stations six feet apart. Let the kids have fun painting rocks! Give them fun add ons like googly eyes to glue on or paper shred hair and sprinkle glitter on the rocks.

Once their rocks are done make little boxes as carry cases or beds for pet rocks, which they can decorate with felt pens and stickers.

Kids outdoor activity ideas chalk art

2. Sidewalk chalk art:

Create a giant chalk mural with the kids! Chalk off areas to have each child work in their own zone. Giving kids stencils is a fun add on to this for them to easily create chalk masterpieces! 


3. Picasso in the Park:

This makes a great inexpensive kids activity to do outside! Tape giant paper sheets to fences or trees and let kids paint or splatter paint on them. You can also put liquid paint into water balloons and let kids throw them at the paper. To maintain a social distance, keep projects well spaced apart.

Kids sand art

4. Sand Art:

Check out this cool project by clicking here kids peel off sections and sprinkle on coloured sand. The end result is amazing and it keeps kids busy for a long time and is also really fun to do! While they are doing their sand art, space kids out on grass or at tables.

Kids socially distanced activity

5. Paper Bag Windsocks:

Cut the end off a paper lunch bag and add tails of ribbon or wool or streamers. Decorate bag with felts, glitter and stickers. Tie string on other end and fly!!

This is a great and inexpensive way to keep kids busy, separated and active


Which one of these ideas is your favourite?