How to Plan the PERFECT Spooky Halloween Party


Spooky season is here, so to celebrate the holiday we have concocted the most awesome Halloween party! This party is perfect because the crafts can be modified to accommodate kids between 4 and 12 years old. Check out our ‘must have’ activities and treats that are essential for your celebration. 

We suggest starting the party off with the Pom Pom Bats. This craft involves very little mess, so it is perfect for an easy clean up! After the craft is complete, each child can hang up their new bat adding to your awesome decorations.

These Monster Rice Krispie Treats are simple to make, but have a BIG effect. Choose a variety of colours of candy melts to dip your rice krispie squares in; but do not forget to add the edible eyes! This treat can be prepared beforehand, but would also be a fairly easy way for the children to get even more involved in the Halloween spirit.

Our 5 Pet Par-T-Pak - Deluxe Super Hero set is a crucial element for your party! This pak includes your choice of 5 different plush pets AND everything to make them into a super hero! With a bit of coordination, you can choose the pets well in advance so that each child can dress up as that animal. This craft will make it an extremely memorable night!

Our final activity may be a bit of a messy one; you were warned! The Fluffy Pumpkin Slime is made with shaving cream and the more that you add, the fluffier it will be. The fluffy slime works best the day that it is made for the ultimate squishing experience. 

What other crafts will you be executing this Halloween? Share in the comments as we are always looking for our new ideas for upcoming events. 

Happy Halloween, we hope there are more tricks than treats in your future!