Costumes to Match Your Pet Perfectly this Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching and here at Par-T-Pets Headquarters we want to help get prepared! This Halloween, we have found 4 easy DIY costumes for your kids that can be matched with their favourite Par-T-Pet. Read on to check out how they can become a Dragon, Monkey, Unicorn, or Penguin… 

RAWR! Give your kids the opportunity to find their dragon wings this Halloween. Check out this awesome tutorial for a DIY Dragon Costume that goes perfectly with our Dragon Par-T-Pet. What I love about this tutorial is that you can play with the colours to make the costume as unique as you want. 

Does your child dream of swinging through the trees? Well we’ve found the perfect DIY for you! This DIY Monkey Costume will have them looking like the king or queen of the jungle! Don’t forget to order your Monkey Par-T-Pet as soon as possible to make this a Halloween to remember.

Dressing up as a majestic and mythical animal has Halloween fun written all over it! Here is an awesome DIY Unicorn Costume to go with one of our most popular pets, the Unicorn Par-T-Pet! Your child will be galloping through the night with their new best friend.

Our final costume tutorial for Halloween 2019 is the DIY Penguin Costume, but don’t forget the Penguin Par-T-Pet for your child to cuddle up with! This costume is perfect for Halloween celebrations in the north because you can bundle your child up under this costume. 

Thank you for checking out our blog! We’re really looking forward to this Halloween and we hope this blog helps to inspire some costumes. If you try out any of these costumes for your kids, post pictures in the comments below. Order your pets soon to ensure that they arrive before the 31st! Happy Halloween everyone!